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Condemnation/Eminent Domain

Under the United States and New Jersey Constitutions, property may not be taken by a government entity, even for a legitimate public purpose, unless the taking authority pays the property owner just compensation.

The practice of eminent domain/condemnation law focuses on the limits of government taking of property and the valuation of those takings for public use so that the constitutional mandate of just compensation is met.

In New Jersey, the practice of eminent domain/condemnation law is conducted before Court appointed condemnation commissioners and the Superior Court of New Jersey, sitting with a jury, in the county in which the property is located, and, on appeal, to the Superior Court of New Jersey Appellate Division and the New Jersey Supreme Court.

If the United States government or any of its agencies is the acquiring entity, eminent domain cases will be venued in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

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